Washing instructions

Place the garments into the machine, paying attention to remove knots and twists to form a loose mass. It is advisable not to exceed the capacity indicated.

Select wash programme. Default setting programme is “Programa 2” wash at 35º.

Insert the indicated amount of coins or tokens into the slot.

Once the programme has been selected, the machine will start and will precisely add detergent, activated oxygen and softener automatically in each cycle.

It is not advisable to mix certain articles due to different absorption capacities and cause the machine to stop on the spin cycle and finish the programme. To avoid this, it is recommended that certain articles are loaded separately in “Programa 5”.

To suit requirements, there is the option of an extra spin cycle, accessible by “PROGRAMME 5” and inserting the indicated amount.

Once the programme is finished, it is advisable to check the wash drum to avoid leaving any article of clothing behind.

Respect the wash times of 31 minutes. During all cycles of the wash programme the door is looked and when the process is completed it will unlock automatically.

For hygienic reasons, DO NOT wash pet clothing or equipment.

1. Load the washer
2. Close door
3. Select the program
4. It carries out payment
5. Press start

Drying instructions

Place the garments into the dryer, paying attention to remove twists and knots to form a loose mass. It is not advisable to exceed the maximum level indicated by the red line.

Insert coins or tokens according to required time. Drying time may vary depending on the amount and type of clothing.

Select drying temperature progamme according to the temperature chart.

To check the progress of the clothes drying, open the door at any moment and upon closing the door, the dryer will continue the cycle after selecting the desired temperature.

It is possible to add more time on the dryer while it is drying by inserting more coins or tokens.

During the drying process it is possible to open the door of the dryer. For that reason the user must be in the premises. The company “TU COLADA” accepts no responsibility for any possible loss of theft of your property.

It is not recommended to mix white articles with intense coloured articles. It is possible that they could stain the white articles.

During the drying process the time on the machine will elapse whether the door is open or closed.

1. Load the washer
2. Close door
3. Payment you made
4. Select the temperature
5. Increase drying time by adding coins / tokens

Machines are always clean, disinfected and hygienic.

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